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  • Why It's More Important Than Ever to Use an Experienced Realtor When Buying a Condo

    Recently, there’s been a lot of conjecture, concern and confusion about Toronto’s Condo Market — one only needs to turn on the TV or read the news to see a swath of “experts” debate its stability. Often, it's difficult to cut through all the speculation and find fact.

    A few days ago, I stumbled across an article from The Globe and Mail which perfectly summed up my opinion of the current housing market in general. In an interview with CMHC, The Globe and Mail determines that overall condo market is “stable, but there are risks”. I strongly suggest you read this article — I personally found it enlightening and valuable.

    Now, more than ever, its important that condo buyers have all the resources and expertise required to navigate this market. With over 35 years of Real Estate Experience, I certainly believe that I can demystify the buying process and help you find the home of your dreams.